This is one of the most thought about and asked questions OF ALL TIME! So, Who Was Jesus Christ Anyway? Thank you for visiting  I hope to help you in your search for the true identity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Well, who do people say Jesus Christ was? Muslims believe that he was a Prophet. They say that he was a great and holy man and a great teacher of God. Mormons believe that Jesus is just another created being. He was created by God up in Heaven before God sent him down to Earth. He is the brother of Satan. Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ was Michael the Archangel in the flesh. He is not God in the flesh. Bible believing Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the unique Son of God and God in the flesh. They say that He died on the Cross for their sins as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. They believe that He rose again from the grave on the third day and is their Savior. Which one is right? Letís find out!

Well, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that all religions except for Christianity are wrong. I know, that sounds intolerant, insensitive and politically incorrect. But it's the truth. Jesus Christ was and still is the Son of God. He was God in the flesh. He is part of the Trinity, which is One God in Three Persons. Go to our Trinity Page for more on the Trinity, one of the most misunderstood doctrines of all time. If Jesus wasn't God in the flesh, if He wasn't perfect and holy as He claimed, then we are ALL still in BIG TROUBLE. The Message of Christianity, of the Bible, says that you must turn from your sins and put your faith in Jesus Christ in order to be saved. It really is that simple. You may say, "So, you're telling me that I'm going to go to Hell if I don't believe in Jesus?!" That is kind of what I am saying. And YES, Hell IS a place of eternal fire and torment where people will spend ALL eternity. It is not a place of the dead. It is not a place of soul sleep. And it is not a place where the wicked will ultimately be destroyed someday. It is a place of eternal, conscious punishment forever. But not believing in Jesus is only the secondary reason why you'll go to Hell.

The primary reason is because you have broken God's Law. It's kind of like this: If a man were to jump out of an airplane from 25,000 feet up and didn't have a parachute on, he would go SPLAT! But, the primary reason he would go SPLAT is not because he didn't put the parachute on. The primary reason he would go SPLAT is because he broke the Law of Gravity. He thought he could break that Law of Gravity and still live in the end. He was wrong and he was deceived. There are many people who think they can break God's Law, part of which is the Ten Commandments, and still be ok on the Day of Judgment. That's not true. Have you broken God's Law? Letís take a look to see if you have. Have you ever lied? If you have that would make you a liar. Have you ever stolen? It doesn't matter how long ago or how small the item is. If you have, then you are a thief. Have you ever lusted after someone before? If you have, Jesus says you are an adulterer at heart. How are you doing so far? Have you broken those three of Godís Laws? If you have, the Bible says that the wages of sin is death and you will reap what you have sown, unless you put on the parachute which can save you from sure death.
That parachute is Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect, sinless life. His parachute has no holes in it whatsoever. He died to save us from our sins, from death, from Hell and ultimately from the Wrath of God. There are many people who put on a different kind of parachute though. It is the parachute of self-righteousness. They think they are a good person and that their "goodness" is going to save them on the Day of Judgment. Or maybe they think "good works" or "repentance" will save them on the Day of Judgment. Not true. The parachute of self-righteousness is a parachute that is full of holes. And the end result for someone who trusts in the parachute of self-righteousness will be the same as the person who has no parachute at all. They will go SPLAT. God's Word makes it clear that there is no one good, not even one. The Bible says that even our "righteous deeds" are as "filthy rags" in His site. The Hebrew word that is translated as "filthy rags" in that verse is the same Hebrew word used for a woman's menstrual pad. Our "good deeds" will NOT earn us favor with God nor will it earn us entrance into Heaven. God's definition of GOOD is moral perfection. In fact, Jesus said that there is only one who is good and that is God. So, we need someone who is perfect, someone who has no holes in their character or purity to save us from sure death and from the Wrath of God.

And there is only one name under Heaven given among men by which we can be saved: His name is Jesus. Jesus said, "I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE and NO MAN can come to the Father BUT BY ME." It's true and if you don't believe it then you are calling Jesus a liar. Muhammad can't save you, Buddha can't save you, Gandhi can't save you, Mormonism can't save you, Jehovah False-Witnessís can't save you, Hinduism can't save you and Un-Christian Scientology can't save you. The only one who can save you is JESUS CHRIST. You see, every other religion is a works-based religion. And as we have already established, your "good works" can't save you. No matter how many good works you do, they won't make up for the times you have broken God's Law. Imagine there was a man who committed murder here on Earth and didn't get caught until ten years later. During those ten years that he hadnít been caught yet, he did all kinds of good things and made a change for the better. Should he escape punishment for the murder he committed because of his good works and change in life? Of course not! He needs to be punished for his crimes. The good deeds that he has done will not help him escape the punishment he deserves. And we are no different. If you are honest with yourself, you will be willing to admit that you have broken God's Law many times (just like me). If you are like me, you have probably broken God's Law more times than you can count! And because we have broken His Law, we deserve to be punished by Him. But because of God's Great Love for us, He sent Jesus.  God's Law requires that either we be punished for our sins or a perfect, sinless person shed His Blood instead.  Jesus is the only one who has or ever will qualify for that!  Jesus shed His blood on the Cross for you and me.  Jesus did his part by shedding His perfect blood.  Your part is to Repent of your sins and Trust in Him.  BUT, you MUST Trust in the right Jesus!  Otherwise you haven't Truly Repented!  Are you trusting in the Jesus of the Bible?  If not, then you are still in your sins!  You are STILL GUILTY of IDOLATRY!  Repent of ALL your sins and Trust in the RIGHT Jesus today and God will save you. He will grant you eternal life, not because you earned it, deserve it or because you are a good person, but because He wants to give you eternal life as a free gift. The Bible says that God will make you Born Again.  He will give you a New Heart and New Desires.  Do it today! For more information and facts about why other religions are false, see the links on the menu.
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