Videos For Muslims

Here are some videos that are good for Muslims to watch to find out the Truth about Christianity v. Islam.  A former Muslim speaks out on some of this four part video series.  God Bless you as you watch:

Christian Apologist William Lane Craig Debates Jamal Badawi

Former Muslim Clerics Come to Christ!

Former Militant Muslim Come to Christ!

Islam: What the West Needs to Know!

Former Muslims on John Ankerberg Show Part 1

Former Muslims on John Ankerberg Show Part 2

Former Muslims on John Ankerberg Show Part 3

Former Muslims on John Ankerberg Show Part 4

Ravi Zacharias On Whether The Qur'an Is The Word Of God Or Not

If you are a Muslim my friend, then please open your eyes to the truth of who Jesus Christ is.  Your Eternity depends on it!  We have provided some resources to help understand more about Jesus Christ and Christianity.  May God Bless you as you read.

Contradictions in the Qur'an – An article written by Matthew J. Slick

A Comparison between Jesus and Muhammad
- An article written by Matthew J. Slick

Testimony of Adel Mohammed El Naggar
- a former Muslim who came to faith and repentance in Jesus Christ

Two Former Muslims Testify About Islam
- Dr. Ergun Caner and Dr. Emir Caner are two brothers who used to be devout Muslims, until they met the True Jesus of Christianity.  In this episode of the John Ankerberg Show, they will answer questions such as:What evidence persuaded the Caner brothers that Jesus was more than a prophet?  Did the men who flew planes into the TwinTowers believe they were following orthodox Islamic doctrine? Is jihad, or holy war, only internal spiritual struggle or also physical acts of war? What do the thousand years of history after Muhammad tell us about jihad?  When Muslims worship Allah, are they worshiping a completely different god than the God of the Bible?  Is Muhammad someone to be followed as the perfect example of obedience to God?  Is it true that Muhammad set forth a revelation in the Qur'an that he thought was from Allah, but later changed, claiming Satan had deceived him?  For those in Islam, why is there no guarantee of Heaven? 

Show #1           Show #2           Show #3           Show #4